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A Variety of Materials to Meet Market Demand

Aug. 13, 2019 | 12:00:07

What materials are available for the display stand? In the front end of the packaging era technology, as a Display Stands Manufacturer, our company has added a number of material technology production lines to meet the packaging and display needs of new and old customers, to ensure quality, price, transportation, and one-stop quality service. Mainly environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard and cardboard are also extended to plastic and metal. Such as Promotional Plastic Display Box. Another example is a set of paper products that are made up of environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard bodies and plastic or iron parts. We can combine these materials perfectly to achieve the desired display effect.

Promotional Corrugated Floor Display

Promotional Corrugated Floor Display

In terms of benefits, corrugated cardboard is the most popular, especially in Europe and the United States, with a higher awareness of environmental awareness, preferring the Promotional Corrugated Floor Display. Enterprises want to promote product promotion in the supermarket store in the short term and need to install the functional display rack with good display effect. We will recommend the advertising screen to be rich and convenient to assemble and transport cheap corrugated cardboard materials to customers according to customer requirements. However, some customers have questions about the durability of the Promotional Corrugated Floor Display. In fact, a waterproof tray can be added to the bottom of the display to prevent moisture deformation of the paper shelf. It is also widely used in the shelf industry and has a good waterproofing effect in humid environments. Each material has its own different advantages. We use all of its materials and design a more perfect display according to the needs of customers.