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User Experience For Customized Floor Display Stand 1

May. 28, 2019 | 10:49:20

As a High-end Countertop Display Factory, today we will talk about the user experience of paper shelves.

If I am a customer now, I received a package. But the box is ragged, and the sealed tape is different. Even if there is no problem with the goods inside, my mood is very bad. After I opened the package, I found that the accessories were very messy. I was very frustrated with my first contact. This is really a very bad user experience.

All of the above problems belong to the sensory experience and are more intuitive to present to the customer's visual experience. The pursuit of visual comfort. Whether the packaging of the outer box is neat and tidy, whether the parts are placed neatly and orderly, and whether the appearance of the parts is clean or not. These are all issues that affect the customer's visual experience. So to make a good visual experience for our customers, we must avoid these problems.

Customized Floor Display Stand

When I was about to assemble the Customized Floor Display Stand, I saw that the steps in the manual were unclear and it was difficult to understand. Then I will add a lot of trouble in the assembly process, and may not be assembled. Moreover, in the process of assembly, it may be found that some parts are very troublesome to assemble and difficult to assemble. And the assembly steps are very cumbersome.