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Tips For Placing Beverage Display Racks In Supermarkets

Apr. 04, 2019 | 11:39:50

Supermarkets are free to buy shopping malls. In order to facilitate customers to purchase, supermarkets generally use display stands to display goods, such as: supermarket beverage display racks, supermarket snack display racks, etc., fashion and convenient display effect, customers at a glance.

As a Display Stands Manufacturer, we recommend that the beverage display stand be placed in the following ways:

1. The price display of the beverage display stand should be obvious: most customers pay attention to his price when buying a product, so the price must be very eye-catching and clear. The size of the numbers will also affect the appeal of the customer, and it will be better to directly apply the big special letters.

2. The design of the space of the beverage display rack: it can fully display the concentrated stacking of goods to highlight the momentum, paste the exact price, date manufacturer and other labels. Use advertising to attract customers' attention.

3. Display racks are easy to pick up: It is a reflection of whether the customer can pick up the goods and whether the sales volume is large. It is necessary to enable the customers to get the goods at different angles and different positions.

4. Metal Floor Display Stand location selection: Most of the stores are behind the back, front and cashier, higher shelves, etc.; if in supermarkets and shopping malls, be sure to be in the customer's access and in the store The center of the walkway with the most traffic.

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