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How Often Does The Store Product Display Stand Change?

Apr. 16, 2019 | 16:00:38

The life cycle of each promotional item is about 10 weeks. It is displayed in different places of the store. The chances of being seen by customers are different. Therefore, the product display must be frequently mobilized. How often do you want to adjust it? As a Hang Sell Displays Factory, we have the following suggestions.

1. Every time you buy a new product, you must make a big adjustment. These include product integration, regional planning, point-side display, window display and model display, accessories and stacking displays, and more.

2. When there is no new product, it is a big two-week. The content is the same as when it was new, because after two weeks of sales, the original best-selling cargo bar may have a lot of selling break codes, and some series are not sold in good positions, and the models have been out for a long time. No freshness, you must make a big tune. After all, the product life cycle is only 10 weeks, so be sure to leave the good position to the goods you want to sell.

3. When there is no new product, the weekly minor, minor features include point-and-side display and model sampling; after a weekend, the interior of the model's dress and point-and-hang products will change, some sell broken codes, some can not sell, Then these products need to be replaced, so the minor is more to replace some of the hanging and in-store models.

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