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How to Stimulate Customers' Desire to Buy More?

Jul. 22, 2019 | 18:19:18

The traditional wooden display racks and metal display racks are much larger in weight and volume than the Corrugated Display Stand. They require a lot of manpower and material resources during transportation so that the transportation cost will be higher than that of the paper display rack. Especially in the long-distance transportation of transnational, the advantages of the paper display stand can be more reflected. Foldable paper display racks are more space-saving and lighter than other materials.

As people become more aware of paper displays, paper products have been widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, and stores. So what kind of display method in the supermarket can stimulate the customer's desire to buy? Cardboard Display Stand Factory to explain to everyone.

Beautiful Paper Island Display

1. The placement of goods must conform to the law of “small, big, and light”

In order to keep the display rack stable and safe, the designer should consider the overall structure of the paper display frame according to the product's own characteristics, size, weight-bearing range, and other factors. When placing the product, put a small product on it, and place it under the weight. For products that are too heavy, cardboard or pallets can be used to reinforce the load-bearing requirements.

2. The level on the Custom Cardboard Display is distinct

Head-up is the most natural viewing angle, so paper display racks should put the main or promotional products on the first and second floors, making it easier for consumers to notice.

3. The same kind of products are neatly placed

According to the principle of product classification, the products are systematically placed in the Beautiful Paper Island Display according to the type, to avoid the phenomenon of scattered distribution or repeated in different classifications. So as not to create a messy visual experience for consumers.