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How Spur The Consumer Into Making An Impulse Purchase By Countertop Display?

Feb. 11, 2019 | 13:55:01

The incentive role of a Countertop Display in sales activation cannot be underestimated. A comprehensive study completed in 2012 revealed that customers are less likely to plan their own purchases. 76 percent of decisions have been taken in shop.

A counter display is a key tool for encouraging impulse buying.

A High Quality Counter Display Stand promotes your product and is a reminder of the values associated with it.

A counter display can supplement the message of an advertising campaign and optimise its effects.

Our counter display stands, like all our POS products, are based on the latest advances in point-of-sale marketing.

Customized Countertop Display made to suit to your requirements.

Bespoke counter displays made for each project.

Temporary or permanent. Any material: cardboard, plexiglas, metal, etc.

Corporate social responsibility: sustainability of materials and techniques taken into account.

Transparent budgeting.

Production workshops in Belgium.

Scrupulous monitoring of production and strict quality control.

Virtual simulation of the display unit in position.

Countertop Display