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Quality is The Life of a Company

Jul. 10, 2019 | 15:02:53

A salesman reported to the boss: "There is a small company in the market. The price report is very low. What should I do?"

The boss asked: "Since this company is so powerful, why is he not making money, and he is almost going to survive?"

The above dialogue reflects that quality is the life of an enterprise and the foundation of an enterprise.

The quality of Corrugated Display Stand is stable. The key is to build a complete quality management system and strengthen the control of each step and every step to ensure the quality of the products. From the control of paper raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, production processes and finished product returns, the system automatically determines whether it is qualified, automatically issues inspection reports, and controls the storage and delivery of materials through quality inspection to fully construct a Effective and reasonable quality management system to protect the company's products.

Metal Display Stand

Quality is the soul of the product and the lifeblood of the company.

As the company's Metal Display Stand project continues to increase, personnel are constantly being added. There are many different types of materials involved, but our quality management has a long way to go. First of all, quality is an attitude. Leaders attach great importance to the implementation of the quality management system, from the superior to the lower level, from the leadership to the ordinary employees, and firmly grasp the strong quality awareness, and profoundly realize that "survive by quality" The true meaning of the work, seriously solve the various problems that arise in the production process, and establish the work idea of quality first. Secondly, to strengthen the training of employees, because the quality of employees is uneven, the level of education and professional skills are different, so it is necessary to strengthen the training and education of employees to improve the skills and literacy of workers, so that they are proficient in operational skills and Procedures, treat work with a correct attitude to ensure product quality. Finally, sum up the problems that are often encountered, starting from “self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection”, so that everyone is a quality inspector, and all members participate in quality management, thus eliminating or eliminating quality hidden dangers in the bud.