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How to Choose the Placement Position of Display Stand?

Aug. 10, 2019 | 10:00:26

In an assortment of goods, how to make your products quickly attract interest in consumption? In addition to the appearance of the product itself, there is also a display rack where the product is stored and where the product is placed. It is well known that the most widely used display stand is the paper display stand. Because it's easy to disassemble, beautiful appearance, green and other advantages, it is popular among many merchants. So how do you choose a paper display stand that suits you? How do you place this High Quality Counter Display?

The general Promotional Plastic Display Box has 3 to 5 layers, and the paper display stand is 1.5-1.7 meters, which is the most suitable location for placing products. Too high a price will affect the customer's shopping experience.

How to choose the placement of paper shelves in the store? Most manufacturers choose to send their own paper shelves when they recommend their own products and put the paper shelves on them. In fact, manufacturers still have their own choices, but most of them are handed over to the merchants. Cardboard Display Stand Factory now tells you how to place it.

Customized Metal Display Stand

Customized Metal Display Stand

1. Do not place the paper shelf at the corner. Everyone knows that the corner is easy to ignore.

2. The position that everyone likes to place is next to the display rack, but the paper shelf should not be placed next to a row of display racks, because it does not highlight your product.

3. Paper shelves are best placed in the middle of the mall, or next to the aisle, or at the entrance, or next to the checkout counter, which can attract customers' attention and bring good sales performance.

When the customer purchases the product, he will pay great attention to the layout of the sales environment and the visual effects brought by the product placement. A good product display and Customized Metal Display Stand should be able to draw the attention of the customer from the first visual, to create a sense of trust in the product and stimulate their desire to buy. If the product is not aesthetically pleasing, it may not be able to stimulate the customer's desire to buy, nor will it increase their sales.