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The Display of the Mall is Related to The Success of the Business

Jul. 17, 2019 | 16:12:23

As early as more than two hundred years ago, Japanese literati classified Japanese household habits as "5S" (in the English language, S is the beginning): often finishing, often rectifying, often cleaning, often clean, often literate, and This method is widely used in all aspects of work and life. One of the most regulated is the store management, a clean and tidy, the classified store will give the guests a good impression. The display and placement of the mall will be directly related to the quality of the business, so many shopping malls do not hesitate to ask the designer for help. When it comes to displaying, it is inseparable from the display rack for placing items. There are many types of display racks, which are roughly divided into Metal Floor Display Stand, wooden display stand, and paper display stand. Among them, iron is the most durable and strong, but not environmentally friendly, heavy and difficult to move; wooden display stand is the most textured, can display the atmosphere, but it is very expensive; Custom Cardboard Display is light and environmentally friendly, you can customize different promotional slogans on the surface And the pattern can also have many different shapes, but the disadvantage is that the two are not durable.

Custom Cardboard Display