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Experts To Explain The Design Principle Of The Paper Display Stand For You

Jun. 15, 2019 | 11:59:12

Paper shelves are often designed according to the customer's products, so different products have different weights and features. Display Stands Manufacturer will take you to find out.

Usually, the paper display stands are divided into several types commonly used, floor-standing display stands, hook-type display stands, and the like. The above are all commonly used types, each with its own merits.

 Now let's talk about floor-standing display stands. Floor-standing display stands are generally divided into layered and straight-down. The floor-standing display stand is the most common type and can usually be designed according to customer needs. Such as this Floor Stand For Jam.

Floor Stand For Jam

The advantage of the double-sided hook display stand is that it can hang many different kinds of products. And the number of hangables is relatively large. This kind of display stand is usually placed on the aisle or in a more conspicuous place and the relative place for placing such display stand is slightly larger because the double-sided hook display stand allows customers to get the product on both sides.

In fact, the shape of the display rack is ever-changing mainly due to the designer's concept and customer requirements. Therefore, designers often can make a different spark with their customers, thus creating many amazing works. The paper display stand is also an art, and we are the leader of the paper shelf.

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