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What Are The Preparations For The Design And Production Of Display Stands? 2

May. 11, 2019 | 15:04:28

As a Display Stands Manufacturer, we continue to share with you what you need to do to design and build your display.

Detailed on-site survey and investigation of the operator, understanding the space location of the display cabinet in the mall and the hardware environment characteristics of the building structure and facilities (walls, columns, lighting, ventilation, passages, stairs, etc.). This is an effective use of the design display cabinet to display goods and planes, attract customers and display brand image, and provide design basis.

Study with the operator to design the design features and brand image characteristics of the surrounding neighborhood display cabinets of the display cabinet, refer to and compare the design ideas and ideas, whether it is harmonious (the theme color, the light illuminance and the color temperature), whether it has visual impact, and propose A proposal to connect the display cabinets.

Contact and communicate with the property management and safety management departments to understand the specific requirements of electricity, fire, safety, environmental protection, and other specific shopping malls. This is to ensure compliance with the Customized Floor Display Stand design, production quality requirements and acceptance work.

Customized Floor Display Stand