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How To Create Countertop Displays Customers Simply Can Not Ignore 1

Feb. 23, 2019 | 09:24:15

Think about this client mindset when designing Counter Display, which appeal to last-minute buys and impulse buyers. As the proprietor you would like to understand the tips of the trade to making the very best counter screens to boost your sales. Here are five steps.

Countertop Display

1. Use Distinct Signage

Using signage with enticing graphics will appeal to your customers’ senses. By the time customers reach the counter, they have already picked out what they were planning to buy. The goal of your Countertop Display is to tempt them enough to buy an additional product.

2. Keep it Simple

Creative signage is a great starting point, but it’s not the only detail you need to make the sale. If your messaging isn’t clear, it will take a lot of thought for the customer to want to buy it. This will be damaging to your sale because it’s supposed to be an impulse buy. If customers don’t want these items right away, they aren’t going to at all.

An ideal Customized Countertop Display product would be something that a customer may have forgotten they needed or something new they want to try.