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The Role and Value of Countertop Display

Jun. 29, 2019 | 18:06:46

Whether it is a store supermarket or a specialty store, the checkout counter is an impression of the customer entering the store, and it is also the place where the customer stays in the last place. When waiting in line, the purchase desire is most likely to occur. Therefore, the store cashier's promotion is very important, and the display must not be displayed. What is the way to attract the attention of customers?

Let's take a look at Countertop Display. The simple two-layer layout is placed at the checkout counter, which is very convenient for customers to choose. Many non-staple food stores, convenience stores, and small and medium-sized supermarkets all use this countertop food display stand to increase customer price!

Countertop Display

First, strong brand product display stand.

Displaying well-known branded merchandise on the back cabinet behind the checkout counter, or the current advertising merchandise, with the well-known, popular and seasonal elements, the merchandise will say to the customer: "I am here, take me home!" Of course, its size needs to meet the characteristics of the back cabinet.

Second, impulsive consumer goods display stand.

In general, products that extend into foods such as chewing gum, chocolate, children's snacks, etc. are likely to cause impulsive consumption by customers. They can be displayed on several small boards in front of the checkout counter, such as displaying a Chocolate Countertop Display. Just coincide with children and promote consumption. Of course, this area is not limited to children.

Third, small pieces of convenience display stand.

We often have the experience that when we go to the supermarket and return home, we think of something we want to buy and forget to buy it, and most of them are small convenience items. Convenience goods need to be sorted out by the store staff to find the points that customers need.

Fourth, the special area recommended display stand.

The area near the checkout counter is a place where customers are highly concentrated. If you cooperate with the manufacturer, you can also set up some back cabinet areas.