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If Countertop Display is Doing Well, don't Worry about Sales

Jul. 25, 2019 | 10:04:44

1.Promotional Countertop Display location

Promotional Countertop Display is the object of the customer's first eye. Generally, it is near the entrance of the store. Because the traffic at the entrance of the store is large, there are many exposure opportunities for the products. In addition, there are fixed stacking channels. They are in the most conspicuous place, which can beautify the stores and stimulate consumers.

2. Display skills

In order to increase the expressiveness of the product and attract the attention of consumers, the Promotional Countertop Display should not be too high or too low. The height of the Promotional Countertop Display should be within the range of the most visible view of the customer, and at the same time, it is convenient for customers to take. commodity.

Promotional Countertop Display

3. Promotion of promotional information

Customized Metal Countertop Display is not only a promotional tool but also an art, not simply placing goods together. To enhance the brand image through his placement, create an atmosphere, the type of goods should not be too much, too many choices will affect the customer's purchase decision.

4.Property Countertop Display material

Promotional Countertop Display materials are available in a variety of options. The simplest and most common are the iron frame and the wooden frame. They are durable and only need to replace the advertising environment of the outer frame. However, the display effect is very ordinary and not novel; the other is nearly 2 years. The popular Cardboard Display Counter Box for Food can be shaped and varied and is designed according to the different effects of the product. It is very suitable for new product promotion and festival activities.