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The Difference With Corrugated Cardboard Display Stand And Permanent Displays

Nov. 29, 2018 | 14:00:13

In the world of brick and mortar retail, shows are a simple fact of life. If you are selling, you have to be revealing. So you understand you want screens, now what? Where would you go from here? How can you know whether you need to put money into durable, or stay with customizable Corrugated Cardboard Display Stand? What factors go into this decision? Prior to going breaking your power drill and begin screwing shelves to the walls, then let us look a little more in depth in the gaps of both.

1. Point of purchase (POP) displays are light weight, long-lasting, often temporary and, in a branding standpoint, totally customizable. They are custom-designed and fabricated with your exact product in your mind, so they may be used to perfectly exhibit everything from yeast to soda pop -- and virtually anything in between! They may be easily moved around and setup during your shop, and there's a massive variety in fundamental style. Custom displays can be: Custom Counter Display, Floor displays, Inline displays etc.

2. From free-standing shelving components to bolted-to-the-walls Display Stand, to imaginative hanging apparatuses, there's no limit to how you build your permanent displays on your store. And the material-possibilities to construct them are infinite -- steel, wood or metal, vinyl, you can get as creative as you need when making your shop screens.

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