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How to Choose Metal Floor Display Stand?

Jul. 13, 2019 | 00:00:00

First of all, the height of Metal Display Stand customization depends on the region. In China, according to the average height of Chinese people, the height of the Metal Floor Display Stand should not exceed 1.75m. It is too high for buyers to put goods. In the mall, the Metal Floor Display Stand can display goods on the sidelines, can be placed on the shelf next to small items, or in the middle of the supermarket, as a display stand to display goods. For the different positions of the Metal Floor Display Stand, the shape of the Metal Floor Display Stand will be different, and the discharged Metal Display Stand should be neatly arranged on both sides. The Metal Floor Display Stand at the corner should be beautifully fitted and flat on one side for easy placement. The display stand placed in the middle of the supermarket requires a novel appearance, attracts customers, and is reasonably designed to allow customers to see the goods no matter which direction they are coming from.

In general, the humanized design of the Metal Display Stand can bring vitality to the mall, and it deserves to be the first choice for the shelves.

Metal Floor Display Stand