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How to Check the Quality of a Promotional Corrugated Floor Display?

Sep. 07, 2019 | 09:15:17

Promotional Corrugated Floor Display uses its own advantages to explain what is called live advertising and what is attractive. The paper display stand plays an important role in the terminal store. Its good or bad can be directly linked to their interests. As the terminal promotion display, the quality of the paper display stand and the overall appearance are very important. So how do merchants test it and what are the things to pay attention to? Cardboard Display Stand Factory to explain to everyone.

Note 1:

Due to the characteristics of the paper shelves, the companies are forced to suppress each other according to the requirements of the customers. The disorderly competition caused by counterfeiting between products and products is very serious, which has already threatened the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. Many merchants are recruiting people with their own professional names. In fact, "a penny and a share of goods" is definitely a true chapter in this market. If you believe in the "preferential policy" of the business, you can only lose yourself if you end up losing money. The paper display stand must choose a regular business that can be designed and produced by itself. It is necessary to go to the factory to see the actual situation.

Note 2:

Some merchants found that the Promotional Corrugated Floor Display was in the supermarket and it began to fade in less than a week. The block of color was dropped. This was because the printing work was not done well and the surface treatment was not good enough. Especially in the case of UV varnish treatment, this situation is more, so when you understand the production process, you should consult the manufacturer for details, so as to avoid the final loss and do not know where the reason lies.

Corrugated Display Stand

Corrugated Display Stand

Note 3:

Taking out the comparison of the shipment samples confirmed by ourselves and the printing shipments, the thinness of the paper used for the paper will feel uneven. There are a lot of pits on the surface, and the stiffness is not good enough, giving a very weak feeling. There is also a soft condition and just the one that has just been produced. The glue in the pit has not completely dried out.

Note 4:

As consumers' awareness of environmental protection gradually increases. Corrugated Display Stand can print beautiful patterns to appeal to consumers. The merchant will hand over the designed documents to the supplier and ask the supplier to print onto the paper display stand. Then the merchant can carefully observe the pattern on the paper display stand, whether there is a leaky or hidden pattern, and whether there is any flaw. If there are chromatic aberrations, cracks or black spots, these are problems.