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The Difference Between Cardboard Displays And Corrugated Display Materials 2

Jan. 29, 2019 | 11:30:30

Corrugated Display Stand is made up of 3 or more layers. The fluted centre runs between the interior and exterior coils. The rippled shape from the centre offers strength and structure which holds up better than cardboard. You might have seen this kind of substance many times earlier, but weren't sure of its distinctive name. Although corrugated fiberboard and cardboard are equally paper-based, they serve different functions.

Corrugated display works well for maFny types of custom POP displays like merchandising displays, life-size standees and Customized Floor Display Stand, and even pole topper displays. For example, a corrugated material could be used for a seasonal or Promotional Corrugated Floor Display. You would need the strength from a corrugated board to withstand the constant interaction between the consumer and the display. There may be products moving in and out of the display on a daily basis, so you need something that will stand on its own and hold the product securely.

Now this is not to state regular Custom Cardboard Display is lower by any way. Various jobs call for different substances. Cardboard may be utilized as an accent to custom point of purchase displays by adding depth and dimension. When used strategically, cardboard could radically alter the appearance of your merchandise and affect how clients interact with the screen.

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