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The Difference Between Cardboard Displays And Corrugated Display Materials 1

Jan. 28, 2019 | 13:33:49

At GETELL display , we produce Customized Display solutions that need attention in retail environments. Though we are a full size retail Display Stands Manufacturers and may design something for you, we frequently have customers come to us with a sketch or concept which we bring into life.

When dreaming up a custom point of purchase display for your company, you may have several ideas in mind from the initial design to the materials you wish to use. One thing we notice is the confusion over certain types of building materials that can make a big difference if used in place of each other. For example, some people may ask for a cardboard display when they really need a Corrugated Display Stand made out of fiberboard.

So, what’s the difference between cardboard displays and corrugated displays?

Before you ask for a Custom Cardboard Display, it is helpful to become familiar with the material. The term “cardboard” typically refers to a thick or heavy paper stock. Many people use the word “cardboard” as a blanket term to encompass all things made from a paper base.

But even the common “cardboard” boxes that are used for shipping aren’t technically cardboard -- they are made from a corrugated fiberboard. This material is much stronger and thicker than regular cardboard and is often used in point of purchase displays.

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