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Management Skills Of Advertising Supermarket Shelf

Mar. 26, 2019 | 11:19:02

As a company that produces Customized Countertop Display, let's talk about what is the optimal management of the display stand?

Customized Advertising Supermarket Shelf optimization management is based on the consumer's purchasing decision, the product variety and the market share of the product brand and the market trend, combined with the sales ratio of the product, using scientific analysis methods to determine the display position and display surface on the display stand. This optimizes space allocation and allows for limited display space to create the best sales benefits.

Establish a complete business evaluation system, based on consumer demand and consumer behavior and habits, allocate goods and display space, and obtain maximum economic benefits under the premise of limited space and inventory investment.

The role of Customized Advertising Supermarket Shelf Due to the increasing rents of the venues, the operating costs of supermarkets continue to rise, and the display space becomes more expensive and short. On the other hand, according to relevant data, 76% of the goods are “impulsive”. "The shopping method was sold, and 80% of the goods were sold through the display stand. Therefore, the display stand is especially important for supermarkets, we must make reasonable arrangements for the display stand. However, the traditional Customized Advertising Supermarket Shelf placement method is generally either out of thin air, either randomly placed, or displayed in a relationship with the supplier, or simply displayed in the large, medium, and small categories, colors, or appearance of the product. As a result, the display rack is improperly distributed and the stock loss is lost, the inventory is increased, the capital is occupied, and the display rack space is wasted; and, because the goods are messy and the image is deteriorated, the desire and efficiency of the consumer shopping are lowered.

Customized Advertising Supermarket Shelf