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What Are The Advantages Of Using Paper Display Stands? 2

May. 22, 2019 | 11:27:01

As a company that provides Four-layer Display Stand, we continue to share with you the advantages of Beautiful Paper Island Display.

3. High quality and low price: The value of Beautiful Paper Island Display is equal or better than that of similar metal display racks, wooden display racks and plexiglass display racks, and it can be combined with other materials. Used, but the price is far lower than the similar materials.

Beautiful Paper Island Display

4. Quick and convenient: When the goods need to be displayed in the terminal, in the selection of similar display equipment, the paper display stand is the smallest and lightest, detachable and foldable, and can be installed in the same box to ensure the store. Easy to install. In the cargo transportation, it has the unparalleled advantage. It can pack the paper display rack into the standard cabinet with the carton, which can maximize the use of space, without waste of space, saving logistics costs, and reducing the collision of goods due to irregularities. Damage, to ensure the integrity and aesthetics of each product, not to mention on the storage, should be placed and easy to move.

5. Flexible personality: Beautiful Paper Island Display's flexibility and unique characteristics can be tailored to the product, and it is flexible and adaptable. It is also possible to develop puzzles and create new styles of cosmetics with the permission of technology.