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2 Tips To Create High Quality Counter Display

Nov. 26, 2018 | 15:36:14

We have been there, picking up'just one more' candy bar or stick with chewing gum we do not really desire while waiting in line in the register. It is a normal case of impulse purchasing, supported by point-of-purchase merchandising. Strategically designed to catch the customer's attention, High Quality Counter Display play a huge role in this sort of advertising. Are you planning to begin on your counter display layout? Keep these tips in mind to be sure it stands outside !

1. Try to design ‘outside the box’

You have probably noticed that many Countertop Display are shelf-ready boxes. Even though there's nothing wrong with a well-designed Cardboard Display Counter Box, your counter screen will have more impact if it is not a box. Consider if the item is appropriate for one more kind of screen and if it's, do it! Jewelry, for example, is the ideal product to show on a countertop spinner.

2. The brighter, the better

If you are designing a POP or Beautiful Counter Display for a well known manufacturer, it is ideal to stay with the newest colors. But if your customer provides you carte blanche, then make sure you use colors that soda (no pun intended). Apparently the brighter the colors you use, the more probable your countertop display will be noticed.

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